According to GN Diamond, this direct diamond dealer is the fastest growing diamond company in America. And with business moving at such a rapid rate, GN Diamond needed technology that could keep up. The solution: TracTech Systems.

“This technology is fantastic,” said Theresa Ligato at GN Diamond. “All you have to do is put your items in boxes and TracTech reads them and assigns information, quick and easy.”

Theresa explained that since integrating TracTech Systems into the daily operations at GN Diamond, efficiency has dramatically increased.

“I used to do everything by hand,” Theresa said. “This has been great for shows, and we’ve been implementing it more and more…every month we’ve been doing something different with it.”

One aspect Theresa found particularly helpful was the fact that TracTech Systems doesn’t just offer inventory numbers, but provides information about each piece. Thanks to the RFID tags, TracTech can tell the story of every item in your inventory.

“You can add the weight of the item, stock number, customer name – all very accurately and quickly,” explained Theresa. “I can even insert customer names and print receipts using my current software.”

The RFID tags also help to prevent losses and keep even the largest roster of clients manageable.

“This is very helpful for returning items that are on memo,” said Theresa. “You used to have to write it down – now you can use the RFID for returns and do 10 customers at once.”

Theresa noted that GN Diamond was very pleased with the amount of customization and versatility TracTech Systems offered.

“We’re very happy with it” she said. “We’re planning on implementing it for our jewelry inventory next.”

Theresa expects TracTech Systems to perform exceptionally in this field as well.

“With TracTech, I can do inventory every day” Theresa said. “The more you use it, the better it gets.”