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The foundation of TracTech was born in 2003 at a New York City jewelry manufacturer. The owner, Keven Peck (CEO of TracTech), was faced with the disappearance of two highly valuable diamond rings and had no method of tracing their whereabouts. The frustration of having to write off extremely high value inventory was new to Keven, but turned out to be fairly common in the jewelry industry. Refusing to settle for this standard, Keven began to research a solution to this problem. The answer was found in an emerging technology called RFID (radio-frequency identification) which was being introduced through a pilot program at Walmart. The technology made it possible for Walmart supplement their barcodes with microchip enhanced tags that would “call out” their location, creating a groundbreaking way to manage inventory.


After nearly 2 years of extensive testing, TracTech tailored RFID technology for use in the jewelry industry with the production of various microchip-encoded tags and labels, state of the art printers, and innovative read stations. The first product of its kind geared specifically toward the jewelry industry, TracTech Systems has become the leader in RFID jewelry inventory management giving retailers and manufacturers the power to accurately scan hundreds of pieces in seconds, create custom sales and inventory reports, plus the ability search for items. The system brings unparalleled precision, speed, and control to inventory management while reducing human error. Now with 10 years in the industry, TracTech continues to constantly look toward the horizon with new products and innovation. They always strive to grow and believe that speed, accuracy, and reliability should be the standard for the jewelry industry.

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Keven Peck, CEO

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