In this economy, return on investment is everything. When money is tight, squeezing the most out of your resources is not only efficient, but essential. While some experts might suggest that thinking outside the box is the answer to your business problems, the innovative power of TracTech Systems indicates that thinking inside the box is much wiser.

TracTech Systems is a revolutionary product that is redefining ROI.  Not only will you get a tremendous return on investment, but you’ll also get Reliable, On-time Inventory every time you use TracTech Systems. The key to this technology is in the box – a device that accurately and quickly scans items through the use of radio frequency identification, or RFID, tags.

RFID technology has been used for a variety of functions, but TracTech Systems is the first product to harness this powerful tool for the diamond and jewelry industry. TracTech Systems eliminates human error and countless hours with its rapid, flawless scanning.

But counting inventory is just the beginning.  TracTech Systems also integrates seamlessly with software packages such as LogicMate, Diaspark and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Because each RFID has its own serial number, you can use TracTech Systems to assign notes to specific pieces, including weight, price, history and any other relevant information. Your information can be updated effortlessly

TracTech Systems also acts as a loss-prevention agent. Instead of finding out about a missing item days later, TracTech allows you to see gaps in your inventory instantly. You can even verify shipments upon receipt, as TracTech can scan items through sealed boxes.

Using TracTech in conjunction with your company’s software can help your staff’s efficiency by performing tasks in bulk, preparing for a trade show and sales reps lines have never been so easy. TracTech can also help you create bills and memos for customers in seconds, as well as receive multiple memos at once.

With TracTech Systems, you can perform comprehensive inventory scans in minutes rather than days. TracTech offers unmatched efficiency and accuracy and will pay for itself many times over. Thanks to the power of TracTech, you’ll be able to realize a whole new definition for ROI: Reliable, On-time Inventory.