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Save time, save money, and maximize
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wireless reader. Quickly and efficiently
reads thousands of tags, giving you complete
control in the palm of your hands.
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TracTech Systems accurately scans hundreds of diamond and jewelry pieces in seconds and allows your staff to create custom sales and inventory reports. The power of TracTech Systems lies in its innovative use of jewelry RFID technology.
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TracTech Systems offers unparalleled efficiency and gives you the peace of mind that comes with complete confidence in the accuracy of your inventory. With TracTech jewelry RFID, you can easily monitor sales and spot discrepancies instantly and effortlessly.
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TracTech Systems is compatible with a growing number of software packages, including LogicMate, Diaspark, MPI, and BCI Microsoft Dynamics NAV. And with glowing features such as search and inventory, TracTech jewelry RFID makes management easy.
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RightClick Diaspark Logicmate ARMS The EDGE Easysoft Compulink BusinessMind Diamond Track MPI BCI JewelShop JewelShop Javid Ishal JCS Rubinstein Piro

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Tacori “With TracTech Systems, inventory that used to take hours to complete, only takes minutes. It’s a system that not only saves us time, but also saves us money.” Henri Daussi “TracTech Systems is a must have tool that accurately, yet effortlessly, contols your inventory. What used to take hours and an entire team, gets done in minutes with no human errors. From sales to production and shipping, every aspect of my business has benefited from TracTech.” GN Diamond “This technology is fantastic” “With TracTech, I can do inventory every day” “The more you use it, the better it gets” MWI Eloquence “MWI Eloquence is using a TracTech RFID inventory tag system to increase productivity and streamline operations. RFID technology keeps costs down while it helps deliver excellent service and increased customer satisfaction; and this system provides a very high return on our investment.” Bernard Nacht “The TracTech system has brought our 109-year-old business into the 21st Century by making us quick and efficient." "We can now process merchandise in and out of the office in seconds" MK Diamonds “The TracTech RFID Inventory System has been extremely beneficial for MK Diamonds. Most impressive are the accuracy and the speed. We can scan a tray of 72 styles in 3-5 seconds... Between the time that it saves and the accuracy of the information, the return on our investment has been significant.”

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