New York, NY August 2nd 2010 – TracTech Systems, the leading producer of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) diamond and jewelry inventory management technology, has announced a partnership with jewelry software manufacturer LogicMate. In addition to enhancing the abilities of TracTech’s inventory management system, LogicMate provides customized networking, design, programming and hosting services. This alliance finds two leading service providers of the retail and wholesale jewelry industry collaborating to expand their offerings.

“Working with LogicMate is a significant step forward in TracTech’s efforts to revolutionize inventory management in the diamond and jewelry industry,” explained TracTech Systems CEO Keven Peck. “Our companies are a perfect match because we both focus on providing innovative business solutions.”

LogicMate is a trusted name in business technology and has focused on software for jewelers and diamond sellers since 1989. LogicMate’s programs align with the inventory management equipment manufactured by TracTech Systems. The collaboration will allow retailers and wholesalers to not only precisely manage inventory, but also create customized sales reports and product catalogs.

“LogicMate is a company that combines cutting-edge innovation with decades of experience,” said Peck. “We felt this alliance would enable both of our companies to enhance each other’s success and improve the solutions we offer.”

The alliance of TracTech Systems and LogicMate will enable the firms to offer comprehensive software and programming services to jewelry and diamond retailers and wholesalers. With TracTech Systems based in New York and LogicMate based in California, the companies will be able to relate to clients from a variety of sectors and markets and draw upon their combined experiences to provide unmatched customer service.


TracTech Systems is the leader in RFID inventory management thanks to its revolutionary system of RFID tags and readers. TracTech Systems eliminates human error and identifies large batches of items instantly, so there is no need to count inventory by hand. TracTech Systems can accurately scan hundreds of diamond and jewelry pieces in seconds and can create custom sales reports. TracTech Systems is compatible with a number of software packages, including LogicMate, DiaSpark and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This technology has been featured in publications such as the MJSA Journal and Instore Magazine.