RFID technology is an ever-expanding field, and new uses for RFID tags and RFID readers are being discovered seemingly daily. The beauty of RFID technology is that nearly anything you can imagine can become a reality through the application of RFID tags and readers. One of the latest innovations is the use of RFID technology to assist blind workers in performing jobs, an idea recently explored by the RFID Journal.

One facility pioneering the use of RFID tags to assist visually impaired and blind workers is the Salisbury, MD location operated by Blind Industries and Services of Maryland. Here, an innovative RFID technology system aids visually impaired and legally blind workers pack boxes and prepare them for shipment.

The RFID technology system set up at the Blind Industries and Services of Maryland facility in Salisbury is a modified version of many traditional RFID systems. But rather than displaying information on a screen, the facility uses audio cues for blind and visually impaired workers. Thanks to the complexity of RFID tags and readers, a wide array of information can be processed by the computer and easily communicated via audio options.

In addition, the workers use a touchscreen to assist in other tasks. Thanks to the speed of the RFID tag readers, the system can also instantly communicate the amount of items present in shipping boxes, or the number of additional items that are needed. In addition, the RFID technology can tell workers when boxes are over-packed. Innovative uses of RFID technology such as that employed at the Blind Industries and Services of Maryland facility in Salisbury, MD, showcase the power of RFID tags and readers when a little ingenuity is applied. RFID technology is not only capable of speeding up shipping, packing and inventory management, but can also help provide equal opportunities in the workforce.

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