New York, NY – TracTech Systems, the leading producer of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) diamond and jewelry inventory management technology, has collaborated with IT service and jewelry software specialist Diaspark to enhance the inventory management capabilities of Diasparks industry leading software. By leveraging the jewelry-specific software produced by Diaspark (, TracTech Systems will be able to provide innovative, effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.

“The Diaspark software perfectly complements the capabilities of TracTech Systems and offers business owners unparalleled inventory control capabilities,” explained Meir Strobel, TracTech Systems Vice President. “Using Diaspark’s software allows you to harness the true power and potential of our RFID technology.”

The Diaspark software integrates with TracTech Systems RFID tags and readers, allowing the production of customized inventory and sales sheets, staff performance tracking records and shipping reports. Both TracTech and Diaspark’s products are designed specifically for jewelry and diamond inventory management and offer options that cannot be found elsewhere.

“TracTech Systems integrates seamlessly with Diaspark to put you in control of both your inventory and your sales team,” Strobel noted. “Using these two tools is like having an eye on every piece of jewelry in your inventory at all times.

TracTech Systems is the pinnacle of inventory management in the jewelry and diamond sector. TracTech Systems RFID tags and readers scan hundreds of items in seconds, and allow users to assess inventory efficiently and accurately, even through sealed boxes. Adding the Diaspark software package to this system dynamically links inventory, sales and shipping for complete security and control of valuable inventory.

About TracTech Systems

TracTech Systems is the leader in RFID inventory management thanks to its revolutionary system of RFID tags and readers. TracTech Systems eliminates human error and identifies large batches of items instantly, so there is no need to count inventory by hand. This technology has been featured in publications such as the MJSA Journal and InStore Magazine. Click here to learn more