The days of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology being the future are over. Thanks to the seemingly limitless capabilities of RFID tags and readers, RFID technology is now the present and the future.

In just a matter of years, major international corporations have realized the existing power and unlimited potential of RFID technology. The reason is simple – RFID equipment is efficient and effective, allowing companies to perform a plethora of tasks while using one piece of technology. RFID helps companies such as Wal-Mart with not just inventory management, shipping and receiving, but loss prevention as well.

In August, Wal-Mart announced that a massive number of clothing sold at the retailer’s locations would carry RFID tags. The tags not only keep tabs on whether or not the clothing leaves the store without payment, but can also help Wal-Mart decide what to stock in the future. And because of Wal-Mart’s behemoth market share, other industries are following suit. Among the groups on the cutting edge are diamond wholesalers and dealers, where managing valuable inventory is of the utmost importance.

But don’t think the adoption of RFID tags in major corporations is limited to just the sales floor; wholesalers use RFID technology to track shipments of every product to and from distributors.

And while the massive scope of RFID implementation in some companies can be overwhelming, you don’t have to be a multinational corporation to embrace RFID technology and its benefits. TracTech Systems prides itself on client interaction, and can show you how our RFID technology can improve your business, no matter what the size.

TracTech Systems makes inventory management simple – you can know what’s in your shipments without opening the box thanks to efficient read speeds through a variety of packaging materials. Loss prevention is a breeze as well, with accurate inventory scanning available at the touch of a button. TracTech is also specially designed to integrate with a variety of software platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LogicMate.

If you have any questions, please call us at (212) 682-4172. TracTech’s RFID specialists are standing by to show you how our technology can be the all-in-one solution for your business. We’d be more than happy to stop by for a demo, so you can see TracTech Systems at work where you work.