RFID Search Feature

Struggling to find a misplaced ring hidden on one of many jewelry trays often feels like searching for a diamond in the rough. Was the ring simply misplaced or is it missing? Is it on one of the trays you haven’t yet tackled or was it overlooked in your searching? The hunt for the missing piece of jewelry could potentially take hours and if a customer is waiting could even result in the loss of a sale. Luckily there is a solution. TracTech Systems’ RFID technology can help you find a missing item in minutes. No more searching, no more hassle, no more worries.

While the RFID technology offered by TracTech Systems offers many benefits to those in the jewelry industry, one feature customers turn to again and again is the search feature. This innovative tool makes it possible to find one particular piece quickly and easily whether you’re searching through a hundred pieces or thousands.

What is RFID Technology?

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. It’s a type of technology that enables automatic identification of items or tracking using small chips and a reader device. RFID is used in many applications from automatic toll payments on highways or subways to inventory tracking and employee monitoring. Information is stored on an RFID chip and is transmitted to a reader device using electromagnetic fields. Although the chips are very small they can store a great deal of information. When the chip is attached to a particular tag on an item the information stored on it can be easily transmitted and accessed.

TracTech Systems RFID tags make this technology accessible to the jewelry trade. RFID chips are implanted in standard jewelry tags. These tags look and function just like a conventional tag, but with a twist. When these tags are used in place of conventional tags information about each piece of jewelry can be obtained in seconds. This technology can maximize efficiency and streamline processes throughout the jewelry business and has applications in inventory control, billing, shipping and more.

The search feature is just one of many potential uses for the TracTech Systems RFID tags. This feature utilizes RFID technology to find one particular piece quickly. Say for example that a customer comes in looking for a particular ring they tried on the week before. They’ve decided to make a purchase and they need it today. You look on the tray where the ring is supposed to be and it isn’t there. Inventory indicates the ring hasn’t been sold, but where is it?

Without RFID technology you’d have to manually sort through each bin of jewelry looking for the missing piece, a process that could take valuable time. However with the RFID tags from TracTech Systems all that is necessary is to place each tray of jewelry into the specialized reader one at a time. When the tray with the specific ring is placed in the TracTech reader the software will alert employees. Rather than sorting through countless trays of jewelry looking for one piece, you’ll only have to look through one. The customer will be delighted to have the ring they love and you’ll love not having to spend the afternoon searching.

The Search Feature In Action

As you can see Trac Tech Systems’ search feature hold many possibilities for your business. Let’s look at a few additional potential uses:

  • Jewelry and Watch Tracking- Finding one particular item is easy with the search feature. Simply place trays of items into the TracTech reader and wait for the software to alert you. If the needed item is on the tray inside, our software will let you know. If not, place the next tray in the reader and keep looking. Misplaced rings, watches, necklaces and bracelets will quickly become a distant memory. Multiple styles of jewelry tags make it possible to easily categorize items and our special watch tags allow you to use this tool even with larger items.
  • Diamond Tracking- TracTech Systems doesn’t just make jewelry tags; we also have a line of diamond tags that can be used to tag parcel papers containing loose diamonds. The search feature makes it easy to find a particular diamond and the information stored on the RFID tags will tell you everything you need to know about a particular stone including the item’s history.
  • Find Items Quickly at Trade/Trunk Shows- Trade and Trunk shows can be extremely profitable, but their fast paced nature and the need to pack up and travel can lead to a lot of stress. TracTech Systems’ reader can be easily transported allowing you to use the many features including RFID search even when you’re out of the store. Plus the inventory control system will help you ensure that you aren’t accidentally leaving jewelry behind.
  • Find Single Items or a Range of Items- The search capabilities of the RFID system aren’t limited to finding a single piece. If you are looking for a range of items the search feature will still come in handy. You can search for single items or multiple items quickly and easily.

What Can TracTech Systems’ RFID Search Feature Do For Me?

Maximizing profits in business is all about finding ways to make more while doing less. The TracTech’s RFID jewelry system and especially its search feature can certainly fulfill this need. Your employees will save time as they quickly and easily find the inventory they need. Multiple trays can be scanned in minutes finding one particular item or a range of items. Customers will appreciate the increased organization this system provides and inventory control will be streamlined for maximum efficiency.

In addition to simplifying in-store operations the search feature also has other applications. It can make it easier to find and control inventory at trade shows and industry events. The RFID chips can be scanned even through typical shipping boxes allowing you to find a particular item, even after it has been packaged for shipping and can eliminate or reduce shipping errors. Dealers with an online store can find and package sold inventory quickly ensuring that items are never double sold accidentally.

Getting Started

Integrating the TracTech RFID jewelry system to an existing jewelry business is easier than one might think. It is compatible with most existing software systems and hardware eliminating the need for costly upgrades. Using the RFID system with your existing computer network will reduce the amount of training required and will lead to an easy transition to the new system.  TracTech is integrated by your software provider to offer new functionalities and screens to your existing system. All of our printers/readers have an easy installation process.

All you need to get started is a computer network using Windows based PCs and software that can assign and track unique ids (similar to a serial number) for each item. The system works with both 110 and 220 volt making it an ideal choice for US, Asian and European jewelry dealers.

Stop searching through trays of jewelry looking for one particular piece. TracTech’s RFID jewelry system makes finding the perfect piece simple so you can focus on what really matters: your customers and your business.