Savvy businesses can take advantage of little-known component of the Stimulus Bill to dramatically cut the cost of investing in new equipment. It’s called Section 179, and it allows companies to deduct the full price of qualifying software and equipment the same year they purchase it.

“Section 179 is one of the few incentives included in any of the recent stimulus bills that actually helps small businesses,” says Irina Tsyganovskaya, Shine & Company LLP, an accounting firm that specializes in the jewelry industry. Instead of waiting for years to depreciate the cost of investing in new equipment, “you can deducted the full purchase price from your income,” she says.

TracTech understands the importance of making sure you maximize the return on your investment. Our equipment meets all the criteria set for Section 179—which means making an investment in advanced RFID technology now will pay off even more quickly for businesses that invest their money wisely.