Trunk Shows

Anyone that has ever worked a jewelry trunk show knows it can be long hours and a lot of work. After spending the day on your feet, coddling customers and selling the line, do you really want to spend another few hours in the hotel room doing inventory? TracTech System’s RFID technology can be your secret trunk show weapon. Helping you keep track of inventory, locate missing items and get a good night’s sleep while you’re spending all your time on the road.

What is RFID Technology?

RFID (or radio frequency identification) is a special type of technology that can automatically track and identify items using a special electromagnetic signal. To make this technology accessible to the jewelry industry TracTech Systems has created jewelry tags that are embedded with RFID chips. These tags look like standard tags, but with the added advantage of storing information about each individual piece in your inventory. Plus, when paired with an RFID reader they can shave valuable time in taking inventory and help you be in control of your line.

How Can RFID Help at a Trunk Show?

RFID can provide many benefits at a jewelry trunk show, before the show begins, at the show and once it is over. Let’s take a look at how RFID can benefit you:

Before the Show

When displaying hundreds of pieces and dealing with countless cases and trays of jewelry it can be difficult to keep track of the right pieces for each show, especially when you are attending multiple shows in a given week. You can use RFID to make sure that each intended piece is displayed at a trunk show and that you aren’t missing anything that you need. Simply place trays of inventory in TracTech System’s flatbed reader and your laptop computer will display information about each piece of jewelry inside. RFID will ensure that your line will be inventoried and ready in a fraction of the timer you are currently spending.

During the Show

Remembering the details of each individual piece of jewelry can be difficult, but once again the TracTech Systems RFID technology can help. Each small chipped tag can bring up a substantial amount of information, such as current cost & today’s gold, stone measurements, total carat weight and more. Information about each piece at your fingertips helps you to provide customers with answers to questions quickly and easily.
Have you struggled to find a missing piece in your line, only to find it another place that should have only held other items? Misplaced jewelry is a common problem at trunk shows since their chaotic nature can easily lead to pieces being left on the wrong trays. TracTech Systems RFID search feature makes finding the piece easy. Simply place tray, rolls or displays of jewelry into the reader one at a time and when the tray with the desired piece enters the reader, the computer will alert you.

After the Show

After a long day of selling, who wants to do inventory? By placing each tray of jewelry into the reader you can know exactly what you have without ever having to examine each individual piece. Inventory that once took hours can be completed in just a few minutes.
If you aren’t using TracTech Systems RFID technology for your jewelry trunk shows, you’re working harder than you need to.