NEW YORK – TracTech Systems (, the leading producer of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) diamond and jewelry inventory management technology, has completed a new RFID tag that will improve upon its existing business hardware. The new tag integrates with all TracTech Systems models and offers new advantages for wholesalers and small businesses alike.

“The new RFID diamond tag has been engineered to conform to the majority of diamond papers and provide even quicker read speeds,” explained TracTech Systems Sr. Vice President Meir Strobel. “These enhanced tags bring the latest in RFID technology to TracTech Systems users.”

The introduction of the improved smaller RFID tags is a result of TracTech Systems’ commitment to diamond and jewelry industry professionals. The company engages in dialogue with clients and industry leaders to enhance the features offered by the TracTech Systems inventory management technology.

“One of the most popular features of TracTech is that it allows users to scan parcel papers through sealed boxes,” said Strobel. “These new RFID tags offer quicker read speeds through most materials, improving the efficiency of tracking as well as loss prevention tasks.”

In addition to the increased speed, the new RFID tags are designed to align seamlessly with the majority of diamond papers used in the jewelry industry. This enhancement makes adopting TracTech Systems simply and easy.


TracTech Systems is the leader in RFID inventory management thanks to its revolutionary system of RFID tags and readers. TracTech Systems eliminates human error and identifies large batches of inventory instantly, so there is no need to count inventory by hand. TracTech Systems can accurately scan hundreds of diamond and jewelry pieces in seconds and can report detailed history of individual items. TracTech Systems is compatible with a number of software packages, including LogicMate, Diaspark and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This technology has been featured in publications such as the MJSA Journal and Instore Magazine.