If you want to play like a winner, you need to use their tools and techniques. Remember when K-Mart was king of the retailing world? Ever heard of People Airlines? Both companies were vanquished by competitors who understood how advanced technology could give them a killer edge.
Sam Walton realized that by using advanced logistics, he could boost the efficiency of his stores to the point where they could savage K-Mart by constantly undercutting prices. He traded inventory for information, saving vast amounts of money and making sure the product his customers wanted was always on his shelves.

Using its Sabre system, American Airlines picked off People Express’ customers, seat by seat, flight by flight. Eventually, the insurgent airline simply gave up the ghost.

Transformational technology can do that to a business. That’s why TracTech invented its sophisticated RFID technology—and its why you can defeat your competitors by effectively applying it.

TracTech offers a multitude of benefits. It cut costs, increases security and enables you to respond far more rapidly to customer demands. Its breakthrough potential is so great that users say it’s given them a major advantage over less sophisticated competitors.

In an economy where every penny counts, TracTech has made technology available to average businesses that once only giants could use. And using the big player’s tools can put you on the road to greatness yourself.

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