Mark Perle, owner of Mark Peters Diamond Designs, is an innovative and dedicated jeweler who enjoys a loyal customer base.

Peter understands that thinking outside the box is essential if a business like his is going to survive and prosper at a time when speed is crucial and quality service paramount. He realizes that one of the best ways to compete against the big boys is to adopt technology more advanced than even they are using.

Realizing this, Peter has implemented Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology – TracTech Systems, an RFID inventory control system that is a game changer. “I know this is going to be one hell of a system”, he says.

TracTech gives users fast, accurate way to take control of a large inventory. With TracTech, the ability to scan tags in bulk limits the need for
a slow “hand count”.
Customer repairs become easily traceable. Knowing when each item is scanned in and scanned out of the TracTech System, Peters says, “There will be no more having to hunt for repair items. Will be able to see right from our terminals where everything is, and who has it.” That means more efficient workers and happier customers.

“No more lost items!” Peter says, a statement that would delight any jeweler.