Printers are the most mechanically complex devices in any computer system. That means that they must be among the best designed and most robust and reliable. With its roots firmly in the jewelry industry, TracTech made creating a durable, efficient, compact and sophisticated printer one of its top priorities. The result: the P50 Desktop Printer. Here are some of its most important features:.

  1. Small footprint. Space is at a premium in much of the jewelry world,  so the P50 has an amazingly small footprint for a device of its size and power, measuring just 12.5″ D by 8.5″ W by 7.5″ H.
  2. Simplicity. We know how important speed and efficiency are for TracTech users. So the P50 uses a one-step process to encode and print tags. That means you just print them out and attach them to your items.
  3. Flexibility. To help improve user efficiency, TracTech has numerous different tag types. The P50 can work with all of these, including our jewelry tags and diamond labels.
  4. Tested and reliable. Since TracTech is part of the jewelry industry, it has direct access to the jewelry industry environment needed to stress test any new tool it creates. The P50 endured extensive punishment before it was released to the industry.
  5. Targeted Design. The best tools are designed with their exact users in mind. Every aspect of the P50 was created after looking at what retailers and smaller wholesalers/manufacturers need. That’s one reason so much power has been put in such a small footprint.