Prospective customers often tell us they’re intimidated by the challenge of retagging their entire inventory. They’re intimidated by the prospect of having to handle tens of thousands of items and invest in new RFID tags. We agree with them. What we’ve found is that, when you’re working with a technology as powerful as RFID, it’s best to start in the shallow end of the pool.

One approach can help almost everyone: start with your most expensive products. Given their costs and margins, reducing challenges with these can give your staff confidence and experience, as well as giving you a good starting return on investment.

To get the greatest benefit from TracTech RFID technology, carefully examine when, where and how your goods are moved each day–then use containers that enable you to reap the greatest benefit possible from the systems. If items are on display, they can be put in the 72-piece trays that fit into TracTech’s scanners. If they’re in the right plastic bags or envelopes, TracTech can usually scan right through most packaging. You’ll know where things are faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Scanning one of these trays using the TracTech Jewelry RFID system takes five seconds. That’s 60 times faster than traditional barcoding–or an increase in speed of several thousand percent. And the faster scanning speed brings other benefits as well–from improved accuracy to better customer satisfaction.