Tim Murphy, Former Modern Jeweler Publisher Joins Trac Tech

New York  –  Trac Tech has brought on well-known jewelry Publisher, Tim Murphy, as Vice President.  He brings over 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing.

Murphy will be driving sales and strategy for Trac Tech, designer of RFID (radio frequency) inventory tracking system tags since 2003; reducing hours to minutes and increasing accuracy in every department.  Companies such as GN Diamond, and MK Diamond and many others are now using RFID to lower inventory costs and streamline their businesses.

Trac Tech is an 8 year old company.  CEO Keven Peck and CIO Meir Strobel are jewelry industry veterans who have worked to perfect   RFID for the jewelry industry, and can provide expert consultation and service based on their deep experience in every phase of the business.

“RFID use is set to explode in the jewelry business. One of the last high value product industries to adopt the technology, industry leaders are very quickly realizing savings and more importantly, the ability of RFID to make them more competitive. Our experience is that companies using Trac Tech RFID pay for the entire system in 6 months ”  says Murphy.

For a short demonstration of the Trac Tech system, visit www.tractechsystems.com/benefits.  To discuss the systems application for your company,  contact Tim Murphy at 914-882-7698 or email at tim.murphy@tractechsystems.com