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Tim Murphy Joins TracTech

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What Exactly is RFID

Radio frequency identification is a system using radio waves to track and identify objects based on data assigned to tags attached to SKUS of your choice. RFID systems consist of readers and tags, which contain receivers and transmitters for the assignment and storage of data. Once you’ve assigned data to tags on your inventory, your RFID reader can identify hundreds of tagged items instantly and pull up all of the data.

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TracTech Systems Adds New Flatbed Reader

TracTech Systems introduces its new flatbed design reader to its family of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers. Designed to enable jewelry manufacturers, diamond dealers and retailers to identify hundreds of items per minute, this new, thin lightweight flatbed TracTech reader is highly portable and relies on RFID jewelry tags to accurately count and manage your inventory in a fraction of the time needed to scan bar coded or read handwritten tags.

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Passive RFID Tags – What Types Are Being Offered To The Jewelry Industry?

TracTech RFID Tags are passive – no battery required – tags that are durable and reliable, and can be put in a sonic bath, yet they are still inexpensive. TracTech tags are disposable, which eliminates the labor of removing chips or re-assigning SKUS.

TracTech RFID tags compare favorably to the alternatives:
Plastic Clamshell Tags: These large tags are bulky, making them unsuitable for most jewelry trays and displays. Chips are permanently embedded in the tags; these can be reassigned after a sale to new inventory, but the cost per tag is often prohibitive.

Reusable Paper Tags: These tags are smaller and suited to jewelry displays, and the chip can be removed for reuse. However, the chips are set in glue and can be difficult to remove and to store for reuse. The chip-securing glue inside the tag heats up under store lights, which could cause the tag to come apart.

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Is RFID Right For Me?

While stability can be desirable for your business, it’s important to avoid stagnation. Change is inevitable in businesses of all sizes, and more often than not, failure to change can lead to failure to compete in the jewelry market. One of the biggest changes in today’s market — and one you can’t ignore — is the rise of smart technology such as Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, tags. While this revolutionary inventory control technology was originally favored by large corporations, RFID tags can be effectively implemented by any size business, giving you the edge you need to outpace your competitors.

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Tim Murphy, Former Modern Jeweler Publisher Joins Trac Techs

Trac Tech has brought on well-known jewelry Publisher, Tim Murphy, as Vice President.  He brings over 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing.

Murphy will be driving sales and strategy for Trac Tech, designer of RFID (radio frequency) inventory tracking system tags since 2003; reducing hours to minutes and increasing accuracy in every department.  Companies such as GN Diamond, and MK Diamond and many others are now using RFID to lower inventory costs and streamline their businesses.

“RFID use is set to explode in the jewelry business. One of the last high value product industries to adopt the technology, industry leaders are very quickly realizing savings and more importantly, the ability of RFID to make them more competitive. Our experience is that companies using Trac Tech RFID pay for the entire system in 6 months”  says Murphy.

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Schedule a Short Demo of TracTech System

The only way to truly appreciate TracTech Systems is to see this revolutionary inventory control technology in action. A demonstration will show you how simple it is to exponentially increase the efficiency of your business while improving the accuracy of your inventory. Everyone knows ROI as return on investment, but with TracTech Systems, ROI takes on a whole new definition — Reliable, On-Time Inventory.

For a short demonstration of the Trac Tech system, visit  To discuss the systems application for your company,  contact Tim Murphy at 914-882-7698 or email at

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