Because RFID tagging is a mature, trusted technology, several types of tags have been developed for the jewelry industry. Each offers unique characteristics, and is appropriate for different applications.

TracTech RFID Tags are passive – no battery required – tags that are durable and reliable, and can be put in a sonic bath, yet they are still inexpensive.  TracTech tags are disposable, which eliminates the labor of removing chips or re-assigning SKUS. TracTech RFID tags compare favorably to the alternatives:

Plastic Clamshell Tags: These large tags are bulky, making them unsuitable  for most jewelry trays and displays. Chips are permanently embedded in the tags; these can be reassigned after a sale to new inventory, but the cost per tag is often prohibitive.

Reusable Paper Tags: These tags are smaller and suited to jewelry displays, and the chip can be removed for reuse. However, the chips are set in glue and can be difficult to remove and to store for reuse.  The chip-securing glue inside the tag heats up under store lights, which could cause the tag to come apart.