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  • Date: December 7, 2015
  • Tags: Services

TracTech now offers one of the most extensive training programs available. Our TTU Training Videos are designed to educate our customers on how to best utilize our system to their benefit in order to make the transition to RFID as simple and easy as possible.

In addition to the TracTech University Videos, we’re available to provide on-site or remote training of the key staff on how to utilize and manage the system efficiently.

Get your degree in RFID today!

TracTech University Training Videos

  • Learn how to use our equipment to your advantage
  • Teach your staff quickly and efficiently
  • Step by step instructions make things simple

TracTech University Training Sessions

  • Personalized training visits
  • Learn how to use TracTech within your own environment
  • Q&A with staff to improve transparency
  • Improve your efficiency from the start
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