TracTech Systems continues to stay at the forefront of RFID inventory management with the release of their improved L5-B rattail jewelry tag. The L5-B gives the appearance of an ordinary jewelry tag, but with the power and efficiency of RFID. Each tag features a built-in RFID chip with its own unique serial number encoded at the time of printing. The exclusive chip now features TracTech’s signature logo to let users know their inventory is being controlled by the leader in jewelry RFID. The L5-B also features a gloss finish, permanent adhesive, and is designed to withstand steaming, ultrasonic wash, and resist smudging.


TracTech Systems is a leading supplier of RFID tags, printers, and readers all tailored for the jewelry industry. The trailblazing system, which integrates with most inventory management software providers, saves jewelers time and money while maximizing their inventory control. To find out more about TracTech Systems and the L5-B tag contact TracTech’s sales team directly at 212-682-4172 and