TracTech Systems, the leading producer of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) diamond and jewelry inventory management technology, has announced a partnership with The EDGE, a widely acclaimed and comprehensive jewelry store management system designed specifically for independent retail jewelers. In addition to enhancing the abilities of the TracTech RFID inventory management system, The EDGE utilizes the Microsoft .NET Framework, with features such as desktop to internet connectivity, store to store connectivity via the internet and more. EDGE software supports wired and wireless networks and multiple storefronts.

Used by over 1100 stores since its creation in 1987. EDGE software believes that inventory management is the first critical step to a successful retail business. Creating, maintaining and controlling inventory is a top priority in The EDGE software. It is done simply, elegantly and accurately.

“The EDGE software program is used by jewelers who understand and invest in greater store efficiency”, explains TracTech V.P. Sales & Marketing, Tim Murphy. “Now, adding an RFID capability, jewelers using EDGE software with TracTech RFID, jewelers can count and analyze their jewelry inventory in minutes, not hours. That frees up staff hours for critical sales and service activities” With TracTech Systems, The EDGE will be able to serve complete RFID enabled business solutions to its innovation driven retail client base.