New York, NY – TracTech Systems (, the leader of jewelry RFID technology, is making inventory management an easier process with their newest reader- The Wand. With Bluetooth connectivity and a lightweight, ergonomic design, The Wand is a truly simple to use handheld wireless reader. Now retailers and manufacturers have the power to maximize their inventory control right in their hands. With just a few waves, hundreds of items can be quickly scanned. Or if a specific piece needs to be found, The Wand’s audio indicators beep when it’s been located using the SEARCH feature. The Wand features a high capacity rechargeable battery offering over 2 hours of continuous use, and the ability to read up to 1500 tags per minute.


TracTech Systems makes jewelry inventory management easier than ever thanks to state of the art RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Special RFID-encoded jewelry tags are printed and embedded with unique serial numbers, and can then be easily scanned with TracTech’s powerful line of readers- including The Wand. Created in close partnership with jewelry industry veterans, TracTech is the first system of its kind and always stays on the forefront of innovation. TracTech can easily integrate into most jewelry software systems, and current customers can add The Wand to their setup with ease.
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