Growth is generally a function of productivity. Everybody wants more of it, but exactly how are manufacturers getting it done? TracTech recently conducted a survey of its new and existing clients. We’d like to share with you some insights on how our clients are using RFID to improve their business now, and their plans for 2012

When trying to constantly increase customer satisfaction and improve fulfillment, Lewis of Pink Diamond in LA told us that with the install of his RFID system, he’s made that happen.  “Pink Diamond is a high volume operation; before we installed RFID, we spent hours every day in inventory and processing memo orders. With RFID tags, those hours become minutes, and we can focus on delivering high quality order client fulfillment service”

Facing the need to find new and better ways to manage his inventory and reduce the time spent on inventory, V&A Jewelry owner, Ari Simonyan chose to add a TracTech RFID system in August 2011. I was spending way too much time chasing inventory, double checking every invoice to make sure the P.O. matched the pick. With TracTech RFID I am confident that the order is going out fast and it’s going out right”.

Thanks to the strong desire of the jewelry manufacturers to continually improve their competitive position, TracTech RFID Systems is expanding rapidly and expects 2012 to be its biggest ever.