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RightClick®, the trusted choice that jewelers, manufacturers, diamond dealers, casters and retailers have depended on for quality and reliability for thirty years. RightClick is a modern software for today’s demanding business environment and seamlessly integrates with TracTech Systems RFID scanning hardware. Wise Choice Software has multiple locations throughout the United States with their headquarters located in the center of New York City’s diamond and jewelry district.

LogicMate is a trusted name in business technology and has focused on software for jewelers and diamond sellers since 1989. LogicMate’s programs align with the inventory management equipment manufactured by TracTech Systems. The collaboration will allow retailers and wholesalers to not only precisely manage inventory, but also create customized sales reports and product catalogs.


The Edge retail jewelry store management system was built from the ground up as a solution for independent retail jewelers. Currently installed in over 3,000 jewelry stores, The Edge is a truly modern Windows program built on Microsoft’s .NET platform. In addition, The Edge has achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status. The seamless integration between the Edge and TracTech gives retailers the advanced tools they need to maintain complete control over their inventory and focus on growing their business.

Diaspark is a leading software solution provider serving mid-large jewelry companies in the US since 1995. Diaspark provides a complete suite of products to meet unique business processes and needs of the jewelry companies in retail, wholesale & manufacturing. With more than a decade experience in the jewelry industry and large number of implementations, they understand the challenges of this industry.


Business Computing, Inc. (BCI) is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner with over 15 years of experience in the jewelry, manufacturing and distribution industries. BCI boasts over 20 years of operating on the cutting edge of software technology, supporting all types of wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and importers. They provide companies with a full range of IT services including consulting, systems design, analysis, development, programming, installation, implementation, training, support and outsourcing.

BusinessMind for Jewelers is a modern software application for managing jewelry business operations. It was first released in 1994 and has been under continued development by DCIT Corporation for over 20 years.


InfoSourcing Inc, an ERP software solution provider based in Ashburn, VA. They consult small, mid and large business in wholesale, distribution, retail and ecommerce companies in automating their business operation with their Cloud ERP solution. They work with business in finding the best solution that fits their business needs and budget.
InfoSourcing is an Acumatica certified Partner and ISV solution provider, and implement, customize and support Acumatica Cloud ERP as a business practice.

JewelShop plugin for Acumatica Cloud ERP integrates with TracTech Systems RFID, a complete jewelry package with inventory management, consignment goods mgmt., Sales and purchasing automation, jewelry pricing, gallery, Memo In/Out workflow process, fully integrated RFID to process orders. Acumatica Cloud ERP is a fully integrated ERP with accounting, order management and CRM built-in, with JewelShop plugin it’s a complete jewelry business software solution.

Easysoft is a statement that says ERPs do not have to compromise on quality or features to be affordable. Built on efficiency, Easysoft is ideally suited to effortlessly integrate with the TracTech RFID scanning hardware in an inventory management solution for the 21st century that meets the demanding standards of both companies. BrainTree was founded in pursuit of superior software tools to that which the diamond-jewelry industry had been able to cultivate. Established by diamond-jewelry traders from within the industry itself, BrainTree has always been a company that understands its clients. Service is part of their DNA. The people at BrainTree are there for you to spearhead solutions for growth. From retailers over SMEs to global enterprises – from Axiom to Zenith – Easysoft is tailored to your every need.



ARMS (Advanced Retail Management Systems) is a trusted name in jewelry inventory management software. With over three decades of experience, they are at the forefront of software technology for retail jewelers and wholesalers. Combining innovation and expertise, ARMS is the driving force behind many jewelers around the world.

Rubinstein Software is a software company specializing in unique solutions for the diamond industry. By equipping diamond manufacturers with software applications, Rubinstein Software enables manufacturers in providing end-to-end solutions for fluent inventory management.



PIRO is a revolutionary workflow management system for the jewelry industry – it allows virtually any type of jewelry business to quickly and efficiently implement a fully automated business process to manage sales, manufacturing, inventory, HR etc. PIRO’s user friendly interface requires very little training while it’s integration with other leading solution providers like TracTech, QuickBooks, Rapnet, GIA, as well as a collection of online selling platforms quickly opens up a business for new opportunities in not just efficient management but also for accelerated sales and marketing.

wJewel software for jewelry wholesalers, manufacturers, diamond dealers, retailers and casting houses was designed by people within the jewelry industry. It is a suite of powerful yet simple to use software solutions perfected over 28 years. They are located in the heart of the diamond district in New York City, where you see our software in use in almost each and every building in the 47th street area. They provide custom programming, networking, web design, and hosting. As well as the latest equipment for imaging, bar code and RFID printing and data collection units.


Since 1986 Jewelry Shopkeeper by Compulink has been the advanced management software of choice for independent jewelers. Includes detailed tracking and analyses of inventory, repairs, point-of-sale, customer marketing and accounting. website integration; texting customers by SMS (e.g. for repairs).
Jewelry Shopkeeper will improve buying, marketing, clerk management and customer service to boost profits and improve management. For Windows desktops and a Mobile version for Tablets and Smartphones.

Accadia Software Technologies develops software solutions for the diamond industry. With 30 years in the market under their Belgian brand Aerodiam, who is the pioneer of diamond stock software; they founded Accadia Software Technologies, based in Israel. They provide software solutions for stock management, back office, and production fields for the diamond and jewelry industry.


White Diamond Pro is a leading advanced, yet intuitive and easy to use software. We at Masterminds Software have used the latest Microsoft technology to bring you a dependable software solution to help you manage all your sales, purchases, inventory, customers, and records with complete security and absolute control in one easy to use package.

MPI Systems, Inc. was incorporated in 1986 as Manufacturing Productivity Incorporated. They are dedicated to providing specialized systems and support exclusively for the jewelry industry, and their software is in daily use worldwide.

Diamonds 2000 was created in the jewelry industry to provide software with all of the functions needed by a diamond dealer. Diamonds 2000 has gained a name in the industry for being an economical yet full-service product.

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