TracTech Systems continues to make tremendous strides in the use of RFID for the jewelry industry. With the release of Reusable Jewelry Tags (LR-1 and LR-2), users are now able to simply program tags to sync the item of their choice. These tags are great for jewelry or watch retailers and diamond dealers, giving the freedom to utilize RFID at an affordable level.


The reusable tag can be associated and reprogrammed as many times as needed. This tag is the size of a standard rat-tail jewelry tag making it easy to turn non-RFID tags into fully functioning TracTech labels. These tags contain many of the same features as TracTech’s printable tags such as their excellent readability, the power to search for misplaced items, and ability to withstand steam or ultrasonic cleaning. This functionality and durability makes the reusable tags an idea solution for jewelry companies to take their inventory management to the next level.