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MWI Eloquence Implements
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Space Age RFID Applications Are Saving Time and Money »

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TracTech RFID System Speeds Up Inventory & Fulfillment for Clients

Growth is generally a function of productivity. Everybody wants more of it, but exactly how are manufacturers getting it done? TracTech recently conducted a survey of its new and existing clients. We’d like to share with you some insights on how our clients are using RFID to improve their business now, and their plans for 2012.

When trying to constantly increase customer satisfaction and improve fulfillment, Lewis of Pink Diamond in LA told us that with the install of his RFID system, he’s made that happen. “Pink Diamond is a high volume operation; before we installed RFID, we spent hours every day in inventory and processing memo orders. With RFID tags, those hours become minutes, and we can focus on delivering high quality order client fulfillment service.”

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New L-7 Series Diamond Parcel/Polybag Tag Launched for 2012

In response to Diamond Dealer requests for a smaller parcel paper/polybag tag, TracTech has introduced the L-7 RFID tag. Small enough to fit mini-certs or single stone parcel papers, the L-7 is available in rolls of 2000. Now with branded designs in a variety of colors. Call for availability.

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MWI Eloquence Implements RFID Initiative

New York Manufacturer and DTC Siteholder, MWI Eloquence, Inc. will implement a state of the art RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) jewelry tag system from TracTech RFID Systems, Inc., manufacturer of RFID systems since 2003. Eloquence will use TracTech RFID throughout its New York headquarters to manage its finished and loose diamond inventory.

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What’s Next for RFID?
Space Age RFID Applications Are Saving Time and Money

With many companies comfortable using RFID technology, its use has become widespread and prompted many unique applications. For example, retailers like Walmart have tagged clothing items to track buying behavior and reduce theft. But it’s not just inventory that RFID can keep safe — tire manufacturer Pirelli installs RFID chips into wheels to assess road conditions and friction level; this information is relayed to internal car computers to ensure safe driving.

But these are just a few relatively ‘normal’ uses; some RFID applications are truly off-the-wall: tags in clothing have been used to track amusement park visitors, while while one Barcelona club injects VIPs with RFID tags connected to debit accounts for effortless drink ordering.

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TracTech Adds New Shows for Spring 2012

Due to expansion plans and excellent growth in 2011, TracTech Systems will be adding several great events to its 2012 schedule; The Centurion Jewelry Show in Scottsdale and the JSA Multi Store Show in Las Vegas. Call Tim Murphy, V.P. Sales at 212-682-4172 to schedule a free demonstration at the following Spring 2012 Shows.

Centurion Jewelry Show
January 28 – February 1, 2012
Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona

The Centurion Jewelry Show has added cutting edge RFID technology from TracTech to its list of 140 exciting high end jewelry manufacturers and other leading tech suppliers to the industry.

JSA Multi Location Retailer Security Exhibit

March 7 – March 9, 2012
Flamingo, Las Vegas, Nevada

TracTech is joining with retail chains discussing security issues, including loss prevention.

MJSA Expo Show
March 11 – March 13, 2012
Hilton, New York City

Returning to MJSA and its over 120 leading manufacturer suppliers to the jewelry industry, TracTech will be bringing new and exciting technology additions to its lineup of RFID products.

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Schedule a Short Demo of TracTech System

The only way to truly appreciate TracTech Systems is to see this revolutionary inventory control technology in action. A demonstration will show you how simple it is to exponentially increase the efficiency of your business while improving the accuracy of your inventory. Everyone knows ROI as return on investment, but with TracTech Systems, ROI takes on a whole new definition — Reliable, On-Time Inventory.

For a short demonstration of the Trac Tech system, visit  To discuss the systems application for your company,  contact Tim Murphy at 914-882-7698 or email at

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